Sunday, 28 December 2014

--- prints and more prints ---


Yesterday I found this gorgeous cardigan. First thought was that there's no doubt it will end in my closet and how much right was I… Sometimes I'm thankful for I'm living in a small town. Becuast when the sales begging it's not that crowed in the stores, so you can take your time. Altought I prefer webshops more. 
Oh, isn't the print gorgeous? 

xx A. Juntunen

Saturday, 27 December 2014

--- nude ----

I bought these cute stilettos a while ago, but the weather is not on my side this time of the year here in Sweden. So I just have to hang on for a while. (kind of until may) Sigh…

I hope you all enjoyed Christmas. I had a blast with mi Padre and my brothers. So lovely! 

xx A.Juntunen

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

''' BANGS '''

Like a week ago I finally got the guts to cut bangs. Honestly, I was a bit scarred. but I so happy with the result. It's perfect so be correct. You shouldn't be so coward when it comes to your hair. I'm mean it's just hair. It ill grow back. I just laugh at myself sometimes that I have to be so coward when it comes to my hair. I think some of you can recognize yourself?

xx A.Juntunen

--- hola ---

Hola a todos! 

I've been feeling that I wanted to create my own place for a while now, so why not a blog. But who am I. Well. l'll tell you right now. I'm a finnish/spanish girl who lives in Sweden. I'm really into art, so I draw a lot  (I mean a lot), so I'm pretty sure I'll share some of those with you, if I dare… A created person is the best way to describe me and I love clothes and anything with it, so let start my little world right now!

xx A.Juntunen